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Terms of Service

Article 1 E-Learning Platform of the VHS Düsseldorf

(1) The ILIAS e-learning system is a service offered by the VHS Düsseldorf (hereinafter „VHS“).

(2) The VHS offers its course participants WWW-based learning materials and communication tools for personal use only.

(3) If you have any questions regarding this Agreement, please contact:
Michael Pottgießer
Email: info (at)
Phone: 0211 / 89-23669
Postal address: VHS Düsseldorf, Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz 1, 40227 Düsseldorf

Article 2 Privacy Policy

(1) Information on data protection and consent to the processing of personal data: From the time of your registration as a user of the learning platform, the VHS stores data entered by you or data collected when you use our services. Insofar as this data refers to your person and not only to a fictitious identity, it is personal data. Therefore, the relevant data protection regulations also apply to the learning platform. These regulations require, above all, detailed information about the type and scope of the collection of personal data and the way it will be further processed.

The use of the learning platform is voluntary. In order to set up personal access to the learning platform, the following personal data needs to be stored electronically:

  • Username and password
  • Name, first name, e-mail address

Each user may add further personal information to the personal profile and publish it within the learning platform.

In addition to the information entered during registration or in the personal profile, the learning platform logs the following data in a database:

  • the date the user access was set up,
  • the date of agreement to this Terms of Use Agreement,
  • the date of the last login.

This information is only accessible to the administrator of the learning platform, but not to other users.

Depending on the design of the individual teaching service, the following information will also be logged:

  • whether and how set tasks were completed,
  • whether and what contributions were made in the forums provided.

This data is accessible to the administrator of this learning platform and the course instructor of the respective course, but not to other users. The data will be used exclusively for the implementation of the respective course and will not be passed on to third parties, not even in anonymised form.

All data listed here will only be stored for the duration of the use of the learning platform. The data will be deleted

  • if you wish to terminate the use of the learning platform and inform the administrator of your intention in writing,
  • if you withdraw from the course offered by the VHS,
  • when the course ends, but no later than 2 years after your last login.

(2) Consent
By registering on and using the learning platform at and having taken note of the above explanations, you consent to the data collection and data storage. This consent is freely revocable at any time by submitting a written declaration to this effect to the administrator of the learning platform. In the event of revocation, your user access to will be deleted.

Article 3 Copyrights

With this agreement, you expressly acknowledge that the e-learning services offered by the VHS contain information, texts, software, images, videos, graphics, sound and other materials that are protected by copyright, trademark or patent rights, and that the copyrights and exploitation rights - unless expressly stated otherwise - belong exclusively to the VHS.

Article 4 Use of Information and Materials

(1) The right to use the e-learning services is non-transferable and granted to you alone. You are entitled to use, display, reformat, download and print the e-learning materials made available to you by the VHS. This right applies to personal and non-commercial use only.

(2) You agree to not reproduce, use, sell, transfer, publish or otherwise make available the e-learning materials of the VHS for other purposes.

(3) The use of parts of the materials mentioned in Article 2 – even as extracts - in seminar papers, presentations and articles requires the prior permission of the VHS in written or electronic form. The provisions of copyright law must be observed. Permission is conditional on the correct source information being stated each time materials of the VHS are used.

(4) The aforementioned permission does not extend to postings to newsgroups, mailing lists, electronic bulletin boards or other electronic distribution channels outside the VHS learning platform.

(5) If you wish to use the VHS e-learning materials for purposes other than those listed here, please contact the VHS (contact person: see Article 1).

Article 5 About this Agreement

(1) This Agreement can be viewed online via the hyperlink "Terms of Use Agreement" on your entry page.

(2) The VHS is entitled to amend any section of this Agreement at any time. Amendments will become effective as soon as the VHS has published them online. If you do not agree to the changes, you must terminate your subscription to the e-learning services of the VHS. By continuing to use the e-learning services of the VHS you agree to be bound by the terms of the amended Agreement.

Article 6 Changes to the services offered

(1) The VHS may change or suspend parts or certain functions of the e-learning services at any time. Accordingly, the VHS may at any time restrict the use of and access to the e-learning services as well as the duration and scope of use. However, the VHS endeavours to keep downtimes as short as possible and to ensure that all functions are available at all times.

Article 7 Fees

No additional fees will be charged for the use of the e-learning materials of the VHS for participants in further education measures of the VHS.

Article 8 Registration and Access ID

By using the services of the VHS under the terms of this Agreement, you warrant that

  • you will not disclose your user ID and password to anyone. If you purposely misstate any of your user information or fail to notify the VHS of changes of your user information, or if you violate these Terms in any way, the VHS has the right to suspend or terminate your authorisation to use the services.
  • you are responsible for any use of the e-learning services of the VHS made using your user ID and password. You must ensure that your user ID and password are protected against unauthorised use. If you notice or suspect any misuse of your access data, you undertake to notify the VHS immediately.

Article 9 End of the Right of Use

(1) Your authorization to use the e-learning platform of the VHS and the right to use the e-learning materials expires when you leave the further education measures within the framework of the VHS.

(2) You may terminate your right to use the e-learning services of the VHS at any time without giving reasons by notifying the VHS of your decision in writing or electronically.

(3) The VHS may suspend access to parts or all of the e-learning materials or terminate your authorisation if the e-learning materials are used (by you or by anyone else who has access to the VHS e-learning platform under your user ID and password) in any way the VHS considers to be in violation of this Agreement (e.g. dissemination of racist or pornographic content) or that in some other way cause damage to the VHS.

Article 10 Warranty and Product Liability

(1) The services, communications and materials of the VHS are provided on an "as-is" and "as-available" basis. There is no warranty.

(2) You expressly agree that you are using the e-learning materials of the VHS at your own risk. The VHS does not warrant that the program functions will meet the user's requirements or will work together with the tools chosen by the user. Neither the manufacturer nor the developer will be liable for any damage arising from using the program.

(3) The VHS accepts no liability for the content of linked pages.

Article 11 Announcements and Communications

For announcements and communications to you, the VHS uses e-mail, postings on the e-learning platform or letter post. Announcements and communications by the VHS will be effective from the date on which the VHS has made reasonable efforts to reach you. You may reach the VHS as described in Article 1. Your communications to the VHS will be effective as of the date they are received by the VHS.

Düsseldorf, 11 June 2021


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